Pop-Up Pantry

In 2014 we introduced the Good Earth / Great Chefs pop-up pantry, which is open at the farm during weekend hours, and whenever we have an event. You can check this page for the latest pantry items for sale. We've got signed books from many of our past events, and we've also got the items listed below.



Omnivore Salt

Omnivore Salt is made by Angelo Garro, a blacksmith by trade and chef, forager, and food lover by passion. He started making this special salt blend years ago based on his grandmother's recipe from Sicily, and realized he was onto something when all of his chef friends would steal his salt. $10

You can read more about Angelo and his legendary kitchen from a recent piece in Bon Appetit here.


Entube Harissa, Curry, and Plum Paste

We are big fans of all things Entube. We've determined their harissa, the North African staple, to be the best around. Add it to your eggs, salad dressings, pasta sauces, or anything you'd like. Their curry is a wonderful condiment or foundation for a curry dinner. And the plum sauce is delicious! Add it to seltzer for fantastic flavored water, but we will be putting it in our G&Ts! $10

Darshan Baguette

We get our fresh baguettes from Darshan Bakery in Encinitas, where baguettes are made the old-fashioned way, with all organic ingredients. The super-long fermentation time results in hidden flavors and a perfect, chewy texture. After exhaustive bread research in San Diego, we have deemed these baguettes to be the best around! $5

Seka Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Seka Hills 2014 Premium Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is estate grown, milled, and bottled. This oil is of medium intensity and is a balanced oil of fruity, bitter, and pungent, with lots of "green" flavors and aromas. 500 ml.   $20







Seka Hills Honey

Séka Hills partners with renowned beekeeper John Foster to collect and bottle the honey. The dark amber honey is boldly flavored and aromatic. It adds depth to hearty baked goods, such as whole-grain breads. Paired with full-bodied cheeses as well as fresh cheeses and yogurt, this honey provides layers of flavors reminiscent of molasses and brown sugar caramel. $10

Rainbow Eggs

These eggs are raised locally, and are organic and free-range. They come in a beautiful array of colors, and taste delicious. $10/dozen



Serrats Ventresca white tuna

The finest Spanish tuna belly in olive oil--silky, succulent, expensive and delicious.  $15

Martelli Spaghetti

This craft pasta is made by slowly kneading the best durum-wheats with cold water, resulting in a tasty and porous pasta which allows the sauces to be absorbed well. Imported from Italy, and made with 100% Italian premium durum wheat. $10 / pound. 



The Lee Corn Cutter

This is the perfect tool to easily turn your delicious Chino corn into heavenly creamed corn, and a favorite of the pantry! $20

Paring Knife

This paring knife from Victorinox is a favorite of ours, and chefs adore it as well. $10

Produce Bags

These mesh bags are perfect to store your produce. $12 for a set of 5

Assorted Products from Rigel Stuhmiller

We proudly sell a variety of items from Rigel Stuhmiller, a Bay Area based printmaker and illustrator. We've got a selection of her absorbent cotton dishtowels, with designs ranging from colorful chickens to Chinos vegetables. These sell for $40 for a package of four towels. We have a rotating assortment of packaged notecards from Rigel Stuhmiller, featuring cheese, pop art, flowers, and vegetables. $15 / 6 cards.

Chino Items

Apron: $25

Hat: $25

Tote Bag: $25